Robben Island Guidelines

The Robben Island Guidelines (RIG), adopted by the African Commission in 2002, is the first regional instrument for the prohibition and prevention of torture in Africa.

The Robben Island Guidelines were developed from a workshop, jointly organised by the African Commission and the APT on Robben Island, South Africa, on 12 -14 February 2002. This workshop brought together African and international experts from different professional backgrounds dealing with the issue of torture.

The RIG consists of concrete guidance for African States on how to implement the provisions of African Charter on the prohibition and prevention of torture as well as providing redress for victims. To ensure the effective implementation of the guidelines, the African Commission established in 2004 a Follow-up committee – the CPTA.

“We want Robben Island to reflect the triumph of freedom and dignity over oppression and humiliation”
Ahmed Katharada, former Robben Island detainee