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Opcat status

OPCAT Ratification December 4, 2008
OPCAT Ratification comment

Declaration under Article 24 of the OPCAT, Part IV

UNCAT Ratification October 1, 1990
SPT Member Ms. Margarete Osterfeld
NPM Designated

National Agency for the Prevention of Torture, comprising:

- Federal Agency for the Prevention of Torture (Bundesstelle zur Verhütung von Folter); and

- Joint Commission of the Länder (Länderkommission zur Verhütung von Folter)

NPM Type

New Specialised Institution

NPM Legal Framework

OPCAT Ratification Bill (2 September 2008) and Statutory Notice (20 November 2008, Federal Bulletin, Nr 182, S. 4277), Ministry of Justice, establishing the Federal NPM.

Inter-state treaty, 24 June 2009 establishing the federal states’ component of the NPM.

Annual Reports

Each year, the NPM submits an annual report to the Federal Government, the National Parliament, the Land governments and the Land parliaments. Annual reports are avaiable on the NPM's website.





Other Reports

Other reports, such as a summary of visit reports, may be avaiable on the NPM's website.