Uruguay - OPCAT Situation

Opcat status

OPCAT Ratification December 8, 2005
UNCAT Ratification October 24, 1986
SPT Member Mr. Roberto Michel Fehér Pérez
NPM Designated

National Human Rights Institution and Ombuds Institution (Institución Nacional de Derechos Humanos y Defensoría del Pueblo)


NPM Type

National Human Rights Commission

NPM Legal Framework

National Human Rights Institution Law, N° 18.446 of 24 December 2008 (Spanish version). Amendments to NHRI Law (Law N° 18.806 of 14 September 2011).

NPM Implementing Agreement of 6 December 2013 (Spanish version).

Uruguay ratified the OPCAT in 2005. In December 2008, it established a new National Human Rights Institution which was granted also with the NPM mandate.Although the legislation entered into force in 2009, it was amended in 2011 and it is only in 2012 that the Members of the Board of the NHRI were appointed and started to work.

The Institution started to carry out some NPM activities in May 2013 but the NPM, established as a specialised unit within the National Human Rights Institution, started its operations only in December 2013.

The SPT member who is the SPT Focal Point for Uruguay is available here.