Mauritania - OPCAT Situation

Opcat status

OPCAT Ratification October 3, 2012
UNCAT Ratification November 17, 2004
SPT Member Haimoud Ramdan (2017-2020)
NPM Designated

National Preventive Mechanism

NPM Type

New Specialised Institution

NPM Legal Framework

Law N° 2015-034 of 30 September 2015

Mauritania ratified the OPCAT in October 2012 and in September 2015 it adopted a law establishing a new specialised institution as National Preventive Mechanism.

The 12 members of the NPM were appointed by the President in April 2016, following a selection procedure, including a public call, carried out by the Selection Commission of the National Preventive Mechanism appointed in January of the same year by Ministerial Decision N°052.

The SPT carried out a visit to Mauritania in October 2016. The report of the visit is not public yet.

The SPT member Hans-Jörg Viktor Bannwart is the SPT Focal Point for Mauritania.