Malta - OPCAT Situation

Opcat status

OPCAT Ratification September 24, 2003
UNCAT Ratification September 13, 1990
NPM Type

Multiple Institutions

NPM Legal Framework

Regulation of the Board of Visitors for Detained Persons (18 September 2007)

Prison Regulations (Part IV on the Board of Visitors for the Prisons, 1 October 1999, amended in 2007)

Although Malta ratified the OPCAT in 2003, the NPM was only established in 2007. Two Boards were appointed for this purpose: the Board of Visitors for the Prisons and the Board of Visitors for Detained Persons. The two Boards have distinct Regulations and discussions have been ongoing for years about the possibility to gather the two institutions. 

The SPT member Kosta Mitrovic is the SPT Focal Point for Malta.

  • Information

    Population 400 214
    Area (sq km) 316
    Number of prisons 1
    Prison population 583
    Number of therapeutic establishments 1
    Number of Detention Places for Migrants 3