Lebanon - OPCAT Situation

Opcat status

OPCAT Ratification December 22, 2008
UNCAT Ratification October 5, 2000
NPM Designated

Under Consideration

Lebanon ratified the OPCAT in 2008. Following consultations at the domestic level, it was decided to establish a new National Human Rights Institution which would also perform the NPM mandate.

A draft NHRI legislation was introduced to the Parliament in January 2012, but a long political and legislative stalemate blocked the adoption.

The Lebanese parliament convened in October 2016 and adopted the law establishing the National Commission for Human Rights, with a permanent Committee for the Prevention of Torture. The NHRI-NPM law must now be issued by the newly elected president in order to enter into force.

The Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture visited Lebanon in 2010. The report has not been made public yet. A response was sent by the authorities in February 2012, which is also confidential.

The SPT member Marija Definis-Gojanović is the SPT Focal Point for Lebanon.