Senegal - NPM Structure

Opcat status

OPCAT Ratification October 18, 2006
UNCAT Ratification August 21, 1986
SPT Member Mr. Hameth Saloum Diakhate
NPM Type

New Specialised Institution

NPM Legal Framework

NPM law n°2009-13 (02 March 2009)

NPM implementing decree n° 2011-842 (16 June 2011)

Decree n° 2012-119 nominating Boubou Diouf Tall (19 January 2012)

The National Observer is assisted in his mandate by a Secretary General and a multidisciplinary team of observers. They include experts with a diversity ofprofessional backgrounds, such as lawyers, magistrates, psychiatrists, former directors of penitentiary services, former chief of police, and former NGOmembers.

An advisory committee (Comité de Veille) was established by decision of the National Observer to provide advice to the NPM. It is composed of representatives of NGOs and professional associations.  

The National Observer adopted its rules of procedures to regulate the NPM work.