Mauritania - NPM Designation

Opcat status

OPCAT Ratification October 3, 2012
UNCAT Ratification November 17, 2004
SPT Member Mr. Haimoud Ramdan
NPM Designated

National Preventive Mechanism

NPM Type

New Specialised Institution

NPM Legal Framework

Law N° 2015-034 of 30 September 2015

NPM Designated

A new specialised body, the National Preventive Mechanism, was established by law in September 2015.



The Working Group on Arbitrary Detention recommended Mauritania to "Ensure that the mechanisms established by the law to ensure monitoring and
supervision of places of detention are set up as soon as possible and ensure independent oversight of places of detention, in particular by carrying out unannounced visits to them"


In March 2012, a national seminar on the OPCAT was held which gathered approximately 50 representatives from different sectors of civil society, ministries, armed forces and law enforcement, parliamentarians and academics. The possible structure of a NPM was discussed on that occasion. The majority of participants acknowledged the central role played by the National Human Rights Commission and NGOs in monitoring places of detention. No consensus emerged from the discussions as it was felt that further reflexion and analysis was required to take an informed decision.

In August 2014, the government announced that Mauritania will create a National Preventive Mechanism consisting of a team of national experts, selected, through a participatory process, from  NGOs, the National Bar Association, the National Medical Association and independent personalities. The government planned to hold a series of consultation sessions about the draft law, before it's submitted to Parliament in November 2014.


On 30 September 2015, Mauritania adopted the law N° 2015-034 establishing a new specialised institution as National Preventive Mechanism. In January 2016, the Selection Commission of the National Preventive Mechanism was appointed by Ministerial Decision N°052. In March 2016, the Selection Commission, in charge of selecting double the number of members (24),  launched a public call for candidacy and then transmitted the names of candidates to the President.

On 20 April 2016, the Mauritanian President issued a decree announcing the names of the president and 12 members of the NPM.