Training workshop on custody hearings and torture prevention in Brazil (Brasília)

June 10 - 14, 2019

This week, the Association for the Prevention of Torture is participating at a training workshop for the 27 advisors hired by the National Council of Justice of Brazil (CNJ). 

The advisors will be placed in each state of Brazil to collaborate with judges to improve the flow and operationalisation of custody hearings - hearings in which detainees are brought before a judge within 24 hours of their arrest. The APT was invited by the CNJ to establish a partnership to support a nationwide project aimed at enhancing the impact of custody hearings as a tool to reduce pretrial detention rates and prevent institutional violence. APT will intervene to improve the skills of actors of the justice system to identify cases of torture and ill-treatment and to systematise a set of guidelines to be observed by the state courts for the implementation of such hearings. 

This initiative fits within the framework of initatives that APT has been developing in the last years to foster the potential of custody hearings as a tool to detect cases of torture and ill-treatment in the first hours of detention. 

The short documentary, "Torture e maus tratos: como prevenir?", produced by APT in collaboration with CNJ will be shown during the training module led by APT on June 14th

See the full agenda here