LGBTI people deprived of liberty: between invisibility and stigmatization, Brasília, Brazil

April 25 - 26, 2018

APT will hold a workshop for stakeholders in the Brazilian torture prevention system to raise awareness of the risks facing LGBTI persons deprived of liberty, and foster a stronger collaboration between bodies working to prevent torture and civil society working to defend LGTBI rights.

The workshop will gather around 30 representatives from torture prevention bodies, civil society organisations and public institutions. It aims identifying good practices that can be implemented across the country and fostering a discussion about the role that preventive bodies can and should play in addressing the vulnerabilities faced by LGBTI persons deprived of liberty and ensure that their specific needs are met.

Brazil is one of the few countries that have issued a set of guidelines on conditions of detention for LGBTI persons – addressing issues as varied as intimate visits, health care or hormones therapy. However, compliance is still far from reality, and APT hopes this forum will enable key stakeholders to address ways of upholding implementation in practice and ensuring that proposed standards provide the adequate protection to LGBTI persons in detention.

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