International seminar, preventing and investigating torture in Brazil

August 14, 2019

APT will join partner national organizations, experts, members of preventive mechanisms and public authorities at seminar to discuss measures to overcome the challenges being faced by the National system to Prevent Torture and promote awareness of the role of national preventive mechanisms against torture.

APT will intervene at the first panel of the seminar, “Common strategies between State, civil society and international human right bodies” aiming at providing the international perspective of public policies to prevent torture, an overview of OPCAT implementation worldwide, and obligations acquired by the States.
The National Preventive Mechanism of Brazil will be honored with an award in recognition of the key and irreplaceable role it carries out to prevent torture and ill-treatment, register violations and provide recommendations to the State aimed at improving condition of detention.
The seminar will be followed by a closed working meeting aimed at exchanging experiences about the creation of local preventive mechanisms.

Time and venue: Brazilia, 2pm to 8pm, at Legislative Assembly of the Federal District