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Evaluating our work

We engage in projects where we have close partnerships with local and other actors and where we believe that our work will have a positive impact on the prevention of torture and other forms of ill-treatment. APT’s approach consists in empowering relevant actors and to strengthen their capacity to prevent torture.

All our activities are part of a long term strategy to achieve our objectives, revised at an annual strategic review meeting and monitored through regular internal Monitoring and Evaluation meetings.

We systematically gather feedback from trainings and workshops and we report outcomes and results to our donors, members and to all our partners and stakeholders, to whom we are accountable. Our trainings are based on detailed needs assessment and include procedures for replication and institutionalization of learning for the beneficiaries.

For selected projects we commission external evaluations.


Measuring prevention

The very nature of preventive work makes it difficult to evaluate. For example, reliable and measurable data on torture prevalence hardly exists. We are also careful in attributing change to specific activities, since we know that human rights advances are the result of a combination of factors and the collaborative work of many actors.

However, the APT is committed to demonstrating the positive impact of its work. The entry into force of new laws to criminalise torture, better implementation of safeguards against abuses, establishment of new bodies  to prevent torture (including NPMs), regular monitoring of places of detention, implementation of recommendations from monitoring bodies etc, are all strong indicators that the work of APT and other torture prevention actors make a difference.

For a more substantial reflection on the challenges involved in measuring the impact of human rights work, see the ICHRP report No Perfect Measure: Rethinking Evaluation and Assessment of Human Rights Work.

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