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The UN Convention against Torture – a vision needed more than ever (2014)
PDF - 129.58 kB
Charges against Commissioners in the Maldives a serious attack on the global human rights system (2014)
PDF - 223.28 kB
Open letter calling on Austrialia to ratify the OPCAT (2014)
PDF - 108.62 kB
APT expresa repudio frente a requisas humillantes en centro penitenciario argentino (2014)
PDF - 233.18 kB
Condolencias por el asesinato de José Antonio Menéndez, miembro del MNP guatemalteco (2014)
PDF - 215.41 kB
Bahrain must grant victims of torture and ill-treatment the right to complain (2014)
PDF - 262.25 kB
Putting an end to humiliating and degrading body searches (2014)
2 documents
Serious efforts needed to address reprisals after detention monitoring visits (2014)
PDF - 273.72 kB
Recommendations on the prison system in the State of Maranhão (2014)
3 documents
The adoption of the NPM law in Tunisia brings hope for a torture free future (2013)
2 documents
Bahrain: Independent members key for the success of new Prisoner's Rights Commission (2013)
PDF - 479.80 kB
Día Internacional en Apoyo a las Víctimas de la Tortura (2013)
PDF - 172.97 kB
Argentina: desafíos y avances del sistema de prevención de la tortura (2013)
PDF - 63.50 kB
APT urge a las autoridades de Venezuela a tomar medidas para garantizar la seguridad de los miembros del Observatorio Venezolano de Prisiones (2013)
PDF - 83.07 kB
Urgent need for oversight of Australia's offshore detention (2013)
PDF - 84.54 kB
Peru must urgently establish the NPM (2013)
2 documents
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